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We Provide In-Home Senior Companion Care Services

We are prepared to offer exceptional care and are committed to being mindful, respectful, courteous and compassionate to ensure a positive experience.

Proudly serving Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St Johns and Volusia counties.

License #235472

Insight and Experience

Cheerful Companionship

Our caregivers are trustworthy, caring, compassionate and reliable companions…but we realize not all personalities are a match.  When interviewing a client we ask about the client’s interests and do our best to match them with those of a caregiver.  A good client/caregiver match ultimately leads to natural personal connections.

Assist with errands/transportation

The client may choose to run errands with the caregiver, or the caregiver can go alone if needed.  The caregiver can pick up groceries or household supplies, run to the post office, assist with banking, take animals to veterinary appointments, etc.  The caregiver can provide transportation for hair appointments, luncheons, doctor visits, church services, club meetings, even BINGO!

Light Housekeeping

We can be expected to tidy up the kitchen, put food away, empty the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, empty the kitchen trash, sweep crumbs off the floor. Laundry is a common need as well, and we are happy to assist by washing, drying, folding, and hanging laundry as needed. We will spot clean hard floors with a cleaning device (for example, if there is a sticky spot). However, we are not a maid service. Things that should not be expected are a full bathroom clean, wall-to-wall vacuuming, extensive mopping, heaving lifting, steam cleaning, etc.  

Supervision during bathing, grooming, and dressing

When taking a shower or a bath, we will assist to ensure the temperature is appropriate, towels and clothes are set out, rugs are secured, and the environment is safe. We will supervise to make sure the client is safe entering and exiting the tub/shower, and safe while they bathe. We will assist with grooming and dressing as needed. 

Fall Prevention

Falls are a common occurrence in the elderly and seniors with caregivers are less likely to fall. Having a caregiver available to bring a senior food or a drink, answer the door, take care of pets, remove clutter, supervise showers, and standby during standing or walking means that a senior is less likely to fall.

Meal Prep and Planning

Another great service we offer is assistance with menu planning, obtaining groceries, and preparing well-balanced meals based on dietary restrictions, allergies, and personal preferences. If needed, we will assist by cutting food when preparing a plate. After meal preparation, we will tend to the kitchen and food will be properly stored. 

Link to: Our Services

Thoroughly Screened, Bonded and Trained Caregivers

We are vigilant in rendering exceptional care and excited to assist in your home.

– License # 235472 –

Christine Yancey PT, MPT, GCS, CEEAA

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