Our Process


A representative will contact you for an assessment interview so that we can determine your needs.

Goals and Direction

We will discuss your goals and plans in order to understand your current ability to manage your activities of daily living.

Senior Care Plan

Together we will make a plan, determine how many hours you need a companion, and discuss the cost of services.

Caregiver Assignment

We then determine which caregiver is most suited to your individual situation, and a competent, trusted caregiver(s) will be assigned.

First Coast R and R Objective

Our goal is enable seniors to age in place with dignity and grace!


At First Coast R and R, we know it may be difficult to allow people to assist you.  We are here to support your independence and to enable you to live in your preferred environment as long as possible.  Our caregivers have a passion for seniors and we anticipate a mutual connection and relationship will be established that will benefit everyone involved.

We have no weekly minimum hours but each shift must be at least 4 consecutive hours. Rates decrease when you schedule 20 hours or more per week. If you have any questions, are ready to schedule, or need more senior care service information, please contact us at (904) 810-8097 or [email protected].

Last thing…

At times we receive calls because of our wealth of knowledge and experience.  We are here to help seniors and their families.   First Coast R and R is not about on boarding as many clients as we can, but about assisting you with your decisions on the best senior care plan.  Sometimes assisting in your care plan means acting as a referral source.  Please CONTACT US today if we can be of assistance.

… helping you age in place with dignity and grace