Senior Safety Blueprint

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About this Product:

Do you have an aging parent that wants to age in place and you are stressed about their safety? Are you overwhelmed wondering how they will take care of themselves, how they can afford care, who is going to be their caregiver? Will it be you?

If you have parents that are seniors, NOW is the time to get a better understanding of what you can do to support the aging process.

It’s NEVER too early to start planning for the Golden Years, especially if you want to see your parents thrive, not struggle.

You will learn about home modifications, adaptive equipment, and how to size a walking aid.
We’ll also discuss what steps are necessary for your parents’ optimal health, what community resources are available to support them, and what important documents should be in place. Don’t wait until they are unable to make decisions and then wonder what they want for health care. Don’t let the courts manage their finances.

We’ll discuss all that and more…….so they CAN stay at home and age in place.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to serving seniors and their families. I am board-certified geriatric specialist in physical therapy, as well as a certified exercise expert for the aging adult, and I own a company that provides caregivers to seniors. I have seen first-hand what it takes for aging adults to live in their homes as they age. Of my 25-plus years of experience with seniors, 15 of those years I have been helping seniors specifically in their homes. Plus, I have 3 parents in their late 70s. Life is definitely easier and less stressful when people follow the suggestions I share in the Senior Safety Blueprint.

Aging and dying are inevitable, but enjoying life is still possible.The Senior Safety Blueprint is based on research, science, and experience, and will give you solutions for aging in place. Utimately you will worry less because you will be prepared for the inescapable.

It’s time to start helping your parent and yourself by signing up for this informative course today. You’ll be glad you did!  Take advantage of our introductory price of $97!

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